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Thriving in the competitive online marketplace is a challenging task that requires a deep understanding of your place within the market and how to pivot towards where you want to be. To get the best understanding of your position and analyse your potential customers’ behaviour, you need the help of an analytics and data agency like us here at Adstar Digital. A web analytics agency can make all the difference. From gathering all the data to analysing it and coming up with actionable insights and solutions to help grow your business.

What is Web Analytics?

web analytics

The internet runs on data. Every action a potential customer takes can be recorded: from location to the device they use to browse your site to the time of day they are most likely to make a purchase.

You can measure where they came from, how long they spent on each page, and where they clicked. You can even view demographic data on your visitors’ such as gender, age or interests. However, not all of this information will be useful to all businesses.

Web analytics is the process of collecting and analysing all these data to understand users’ behaviour and patterns better. Web analytics looks to improve website functionality to target your relevant customers better and better align your marketing strategy with your business goals. The testing of different ways to improve online activity through variations in User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) of your website is the key to web analytics.

Actionable Insights And Solutions

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When it comes to interpreting web data, the depth and breadth of information can be overwhelming.

Navigating dashboards, reporting views, charts and figures can be time-consuming, and if your data isn’t set up correctly, the figures can be misleading.

With more than five years of experience, we at Adstar Digital can make all the difference. From gathering all the data to analysing it and coming up with actionable insights and solutions to help grow your business. Our web analytics services include Google Analytics, Tag Management and Insights. Digital analytics allows you to test and improve website functionality, as well as performance reports.

Google Analytics Implementation

Correctly implementing Google Analytics can be a tricky and big process. Simply having the code on your site is not enough. There are integrations to consider, tagging options to make use of, views and filters, the list goes on. To truly understand what is required, you need an eye for data with a marketing mindset. Our data analytics team has got it covered with over five years of digital marketing and data specialisation credentials.

Tracking of goals and behaviours of prospects plays a vital role in determining how successful your website is. With our all-encompassing methodology, you can discover vital information pertaining to your website statistics in a transparent, consistent, and easy-to-understand manner. Our ongoing testing, tracking, and analysing will ensure that your website performs to its full potential.

Tag Management

A tag is a code embedded in websites or mobile apps to collect data such as visitor behaviour or setup remarketing lists. It can also enhance the quality and quantity of the information that is sent from your website to Google Analytics servers. Tag management reaps many benefits and allows for agile marketing. Our team can help you deploy and manage the growing volume of tags used to drive your digital business. We can audit your tags, assess your tagging needs, and identify the best tag management systems and tag assurance systems. There are a number of Tag Management systems available, including a free option from Google, Google Tag Manager, which will suit the needs of many organisations.


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Understanding the metrics which matter to your business is essential to gauge performance. Trusting your data is fundamental to being able to measure and understand performance.

Poor trust can lead to bad decisions and an inability to create a unified vision of success.

We can help by working with you to establish what to measure and how to measure it. Once we’ve put the measures in place, we can set up the reporting views to enable you to track ongoing performance to understand your website’s performance.

We’re All About Giving Clarity

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From tracking setup and testing to interpreting all the facts and figures, we’ll create clarity from confusion and turn masses of data into a streamlined roadmap to success.

If your website is being maintained in-house, we will provide an audit of your current data capture setup and documented recommendations for your website developers to implement Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

Our audit identifies inaccuracies with your tracking and outlines opportunities to improve the quality of your data. We provide a comprehensive document with key findings and recommendations for enhancing your Google Analytics setup. These recommendations are customised to your unique business and reporting requirements and provide a clear roadmap for getting the most from your Google Analytics account.

How Much Does This Cost?

Since every client has different requirements, we will customise our web analytics services and pricing to deliver exactly what you need. Everything you want to know about website analytics and audience metrics will be made available to you. Our aim is always to enhance your strategy thorough Google Analytics tracking and reporting which provides a level of clarity and insight into your data that your competitors simply don’t have. If you want more information on our fees, feel free to contact us today.