eCommerce Website

Why E-Commerce Website?

To have a web presence for any business is a competitive edge itself, but to succeed, you need to have a state of the art platform that can attractively display your products or services. E-commerce websites enable consumers to discover, compare and purchase desired products or services online conveniently from home in a few minutes with few clicks using their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. This makes the decision to invest time, efforts and money in an e-commerce website development process a rational decision regarding increasing your business growth with more sales and higher revenues.

Whatever your business goals, an e-commerce project needs to be guided by research about both the products you’re selling and the people you hope to sell them to. This can make the difference between success and ending up with a stack of merchandise that you can’t get rid of.

E-Commerce Platform

A professional, easy to use and well-maintained e-commerce website is the main key to creating a successful online business. To succeed, you need to have a state of the art platform that can transform the website into a fully-functional online store with the required and desired features integrated efficiently.

There are numerous eCommerce platforms available in the markets that are easy to use – WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento. There are advantages and disadvantages to every platform. Key factors include pricing options, functionality requirements, integration requirements, scalability and SEO-friendliness.

In any case, these key features should be a part of the e-commerce platform you decide to power your own website:

  • Responsive design: Your website must be adaptable to whether it’s being viewed on a desktop, tablets and smartphones, the e-commerce platform should offer a consistent experience.
  • Product management: Every part of the workflow of adding, editing, and keeping track of inventory should be simple to accomplish. You should also be able to offer multiple versions of a product, as well as promotional or sale pricing when needed.
  • Shopping cart: Be able to customize and style a shopping cart so that it fits seamlessly into the shopping experience.
  • Checkout page: Just like the shopping cart, you shouldn’t be stuck with a checkout page that you can’t modify or customize.
  • Payment processing: Have the functionality to accept payments from credit cards as well as from electronic payments like Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, and other common payment gateways.
  • Security Features: Functionality to encrypt user data to protect the private details of customers and optimize user experience while shopping online.

A well-planned e-commerce website would ensure that your store policies and contact details are easily visible. Your strengths, such as a longer returns policy or free express shipping to entice customers to purchase, should be highlighted to help increase conversion rates and enhance user experience.

WooCommerce and WordPress – Best of Both Worlds

wordpress woo commerce

Most e-commerce frameworks are limited in their ability as a content management system, instead offering a pared-back version of competing platforms.

One advantage of using a CMS platform is that it allows for updating and editing dynamic content like blogs and news, as well as other reappearing blocks of content in a design.

A CMS can go far in keeping your website updated with new content supporting the products you sell. We build e-commerce websites using Woocommerce. A web developer can easily add the official WordPress shopping cart plugin WooCommerce onto an existing WordPress website, and this offers business owners the benefits of an e-commerce website with the flexibility of a robust and scalable content management system (CMS).

How Long Does it Take to Build an e-Commerce Website?

The development process of an e-commerce site takes some time and research. The full web design and web development process can take anywhere from 3-12 months, depending on the scale of the website. Additionally, the integration of 3rd party applications may also add to the website build time.

Why Choose Us?

Get in touch with us to increase your customer base, and be open and selling without the need for a storefront location with an e-commerce site. We take pride in offering our clients the most effective innovations available. We’re big fans of research and guiding our clients in the many important decisions they need to make in building, marketing and running their store.